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The production of artificial bonsai

11 января 2017, в 21:37

Initial investment: 1 Tr

Monthly income: 15 Tr

Payback period: 1 month.


Bonsai is a Japanese phenomenon with Chinese origins. It is believed that the Chinese first began to create something similar to the turn of our era, and later wandering Buddhist monks brought it "craft patient" to Japan, where it not only survived, but also reached unprecedented heights, becoming a real art.


Bonsai is a miniature tree in the bowl. The original is a real live tree (the older the better). This art allows you to create a small space of fine original compositions. Sometimes in miniature, a landscape in which one wants to "log in", becoming a little man. Creating bonsai is an art of unlimited creative possibilities.


The word "bonsai" is a Japanese origin and means "tree in a tray" or "tree in a bowl". The contemplation of such a tree even on a subconscious level, reduces emotional tension, give psychological relief.


The cultivation of "real" living bonsai is a complicated art that requires specific knowledge, time and patience. Sometimes the process of growing can last for decades. Not being an expert on the intricacies of growing bonsai, it is impossible to maintain the shape and vitality of trees, as a result, a bonsai starts to hurt and, eventually, dies. Perhaps that is why, nowadays, widespread and popularity of artificial bonsai.


How to make bonsai


Artificial bonsai, unlike the living, you can create over a period ranging from several hours to several days.


As a basis usually use a curved tree roots to unusual configurations or the beautiful driftwood. To simulate crown artificial bonsai Prienai plastic pine branches pine or fir, and various deciduous trees. In the manufacture of bonsai used natural moss and sea sand and pebbles, which gives the composition more attractive. All that is necessary for "growing" an artificial bonsai can be found in specialized stores.


Bonsai is accomplished through three harmonious combinations: tree, vase, image. It can be a rocky landscape, a snag in a rectangular or oval container, stone, symbolizing the rock. Quite often used cascading form of placing the material in a high or flat vase.


What are bonsai


All versions of bonsai can be divided into four categories:

table bonsai (classic version);

outdoor bonsai outdoor trees, formed in the style of bonsai;

- wall bonsai - bonsai element, such as a branch, snag, on the frame or without it;

- branches bonsai decorative elements of the interior.


Doing business in the manufacture and sale of bonsai


Artificial bonsai are currently the most fashionable interior decoration in both the Old and the New world, because almost indistinguishable from the living. To have at home or office live or artificial bonsai today, the prestigious and fashionable.


In Russia artificial bonsai trees are also at the peak of popularity among designers and customers in the development of interiors, they are of great interest among lovers of unusual and beautiful, and in our country millions.


Therefore, the manufacture of artificial bonsai can be used for your own pleasure as a hobby and to create your own profitable home or small business.


Prices on bonsai start from 700 RUB, for the simple and small-sized instance.


The upper limit of prices, as is usually the case in Russia, in my opinion, is not limited. I have personally seen artificial bonsai for 57 000 roubles. However, it really was something fantastic.


The average return in the production of bonsai - from 100% to 300 %. This is assuming the real minimum prices for finished products.


How much does artificial bonsai:

The cost of these bonsai - from 30 to 80 rubles. Sales price is simple bonsai - 150-300 rubles, more complex large floor (representing the finished landscape) reaches up to 2-3 thousand rubles. The demand is always there.



Please refer to related literature (it is enough in libraries, stores, online). Start with the simplest, with a small party. Advertise their wares in the local press. Offer a ready-made bonsai in specialty stores (then they will have to order).

In addition to bonsai in the bowl, you can do the wall decorations, reminiscent of bonsai. To do this, take a small dry piece of wood, sawed in half. It at an angle, drill holes, and then fasten the various twigs, dry cones, artificial flowers, etc. on the reverse side, attach a loop for which the appliance is to be mounted to the wall. The log can be further processed to varnish.

Good selling bonsai for the holidays, especially New year from pine needles. There is the possibility of learning through the Internet.



Initial cost: 1500 rubles.

Monthly income: 3 to 15 thousand rubles.

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