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Modern technologies to increase sales

9 января 2017, в 08:14

What is the monthly turnover of Your company? No matter 1 million or 30 thousand a month – in any case You will be interested in increasing sales.

What are the ways to increase sales now exist?


There are two main ways to increase company profit:

- increase the number of customers (lead generation);

- increase of average check, i.e., any increase in the cost of services or the development of complementary sales.


Let's now analyze each of them in more detail.


How to increase the number of customers?

All currently existing ways to increase the number of customers can be divided into two large subcategories:

- increase the number of customers at the expense of manpower (increasing the number of managers);

- increase the number of customers by introducing new marketing technologies and advertising.


With regard to the increase in the number of managers, everything is clear: the more managers we take, the more they make "cold" calls and the more sales will be from our company. Let's talk about the methods from the second category.


What technologies to use to increase profits?


For themselves and their clients we use the following powerful tools:

- SMM;

- Landing Page;

- SEO-optimization.


Tell about each of them.


SMM — promotion Your product in social networks


SMM is an abbreviation of the English. SocialMediaMarketingи means promoting the product through social networks. With a successful combination of social networks and websites, it is possible to obtain good results. In the article "Earnings on odnostranichnikov," I told how my students managed to get orders for 200 000 RUB. in the first 10 days after launching her project.


The skillful conduct of the project based on social networking allows you to make sales with a large average check. In my experience there are projects, the average check which is 100 000 rubles. While you need to clearly understand what kind of product You want to sell, and on this basis to build their positioning in social networks.


If You are just beginning to look at social networks, I recommend to read these two articles: "Social networking for business" and "How to start a business on the Internet".

LandingPage — selling Your product through one-page sites


Literally translated to English this phrase means "landing page". So called sites-odnotrahniki. About their potential, I have already told in the article "Earnings on odnostranichnikov". In General, I can safely say that literate launch of an advertising campaign "Yandex-Direct" works wonders and brings impressive profit. Will show it on the "live" example.


Take a company that produces built-in wardrobes. Average it is 45 000 rubles., of which 22 500 rubles net profit. The conversion of incoming calls into orders equals 50%.


Stages of progression


1) Create landingpageс conversion of calls to orders of at least 5%.


2) we Order advertising in the "Yandex-Direct". The average cost per click from $2.50 to $4.


Thus, for $250-400, we get about 100 clicks. 5 of them are converted into orders. When the conversion reached 50% of the resulting 2,5 order for $250-400. Given that the profit from these orders will be 22 500 × 2,5 = 56 250 RUB, this direction can be considered very promising for business development.


The main problem at this stage is that create landingpageи configure "Yandex-Direct" is practically impossible, and the cost of such services is quite high: an average of 100 000 RUB over setting. You can certainly find more expensive options, but you need to understand that professionals with smaller budgets just don't work and You run the risk of running into scams. However, this technology has one big plus: the traffic of "Yandex-direct" stable enough, and set everything one time, You will receive a steady stream of customers for years!


SEO - increase sales through SEO optimization.


Many believe that once they create a website and fill it a couple of pages to him in an endless stream will flow to customers. It is not so! Internet entrepreneur, web master (Creator) and SEO specialist (digital project) – it's two completely different specialties. It so happens that the customer comes first not to SEO-shnik and to the web master that is fundamentally wrong! The fact that the characteristics of promotion of sites are very different from the views of the webmaster of the site building. And the job of a professional SEO person is significantly more expensive. For example, if the design and layout of the website together cost 100 000 rubles., SEO-optimized website may require from 200 000 to 1 000 000 RUB; it depends on the complexity of promoted queries.


You can optimize the SEO yourself (how to do it, is told in a series of articles entitled "SEO for business") or to contact the professionals.



Why you need to do SEO optimization of the resource?


The main reason is that proper website optimization allows to generate a more stable traffic. If a website is well optimized, it will give customers more than one year. The cost of optimization is required only at the initial stage. Usually for the first year the resource is gaining popularity in the further only required to support the project at the appropriate level.


Now imagine that Your website come in 1000, 2000 or perhaps even 3000 target customers. What turn will get Your company in the conversion of at least 3-4%? The answer to this question explains why companies put in the development of their sites as a serious means. Perhaps You will begin to think about attracting new customers through the website.


If You have any questions, you can ask them to me in the section "QUESTION – ANSWER" or write me a message "Vkontakte".


With high probability it can be argued that by introducing these three components in your business, You will greatly increase the profit of the company.


As a nice add-on I have prepared for You 10 of the most effective psychological techniques that can be successfully used in Internet marketing and sales. I would like to draw Your attention that using these chips I was able to increase sales of one of his clients several times. Namely, from zero to 53 000 baht a day. (Work was done in Tilade).


How to increase sales: 10 psychological secrets


1. Overcoming the "barrier of entry"


Very often, people feel some doubts, they do not know exactly whether this product or service will suit them, do I need to pay for it money. And if it doesn't fit, what to do? Doubt many and even more issues that are fueling these doubts.

Therefore, many companies offer their customers to use the product or service for free, but only for a limited period. If we talk about it sector, then there are various demos and Lite versions, which have reduced functionality, but can show what they are capable program.

Giving a person the opportunity to use the product or service, you thereby dispel his doubts and increase the chances of purchasing the full version. As a rule, using the program a month, one understands that it will not be so convenient so comfortable so decided to purchase.

Also here an important role plays and submission of your proposal. Create a delicious phrase, the honey trap, from which it will be hard to refuse. Something in this style: "the first 30 days of use of the program is absolutely free. It offers all the benefits of our service and, in the future, you will ask yourself the question, why had it not used". Of course, this is the text for a quick hand and You should create something more catchy, something that will compel a potential buyer to take advantage of Your free offer.


2. The power of persuasion


Scientists regularly conduct various researches, which are based on the influence of beliefs on behavior and decision of people. Not so long ago an experiment was conducted, during which people said that according to all tests and studies, they are among "politically active voters." And, oddly enough, more than 20% of those who received such a setting, increased their activity during elections.

It should be noted that volunteers for the study were selected completely randomly, but their decisions and actions influenced by this setting, the fact that they are included in the group of "active voters."

This psychological factor can be used in the sales. You need to convince your customers that they are unique, that the goods you offer are intended exclusively for a limited number of consumers, and that "he" is, your buyer, were among the lucky ones.

3. To understand the types of buyers


Experts neuroeconomics there are three main types of buyers:

— Economical;

— Spenders;

— Moderate spenders.


With the moderate spenders and spenders all clear, and so they like to buy, not always paying attention to the need for the product and its price. But in order to pay more "economical", and such a little more than a quarter of all buyers, there are several methods of exposure.


• Change. In fact, price remains the same, but disassembled into parts that are already readily accepted. So now in Ukraine, do the shopping of home appliances. If the plasma TV is worth 12.000 hryvnia (48 thousand), they offer to split the payment into 24 equal parts and each month to pay a small amount. The truth is more attractive than to pay a lot of money. This method is valid, and very effective.


• All at once. Then you need to offer the customer to pay a little more but get the maximum comfort and services. Do tour operators when offering tours All-inclusive. Man feels that this kind of recreation will be more comfortable, safe, and comfortable, so can pay a premium for services rendered.


• And the third technique is often used paid online cinemas abroad. You can choose to pay for each movie, and you can purchase a monthly subscription that will give you the opportunity to save money. Usually people decorate for the month and not the fact that this subscription pays for itself.

Of course, methods are numerous, but the essence of an all – influence the perception of prices.


4. Become stronger, designed its drawbacks


Very often large companies are afraid to admit their problems and shortcomings, causing a storm of negativity and a flurry of emotions from users. Well, there is another side of the coin. Companies don't notice their flaws until that time, "thunder clap", and when struck, it could be too late.

Therefore, learn not just to recognize the shortcomings and use them in your commercial purposes. To you via email once the answers came to comments about the work of a service? If Yes, then rest assured that this company works in the right way, to care not only about their services and clients as well as reputation.

Also a very interesting course chose the largest printing company in Ukraine. On the main page of their website says that they company No. 2 in Ukraine, and this fact does not give them rest. Therefore, they work 24 hours a day, seven days a week have the lowest prices and best quality. And all for the sake of the buyers rated them, and were able to call the best company in the country.


5. Tell us how to proceed


Scientist have not once focused on the fact that man is worse even perceive the most relevant information, if it is not followed by a clear instruction to act. This effect is observed very clearly in the sales. If you don't tell the client for what particular product, it is unlikely that he will buy it.

And if the choice of blender you show what wonderful cocktails he can do that every day to pamper yourself and loved fresh smoothies and delicious creamy soups, you desire to buy this blender will increase significantly.


6. No one likes to wait


A very important factor for online purchases, the timing of the delivery of goods. Therefore, you should clearly define when and how the consumer can obtain a selected product. This is very important on the eve of big holidays, when the delay of one day means that for the goods the money you get.

The largest online store of household appliances in Ukraine with the order of goods it calls back to the buyer, said the day of delivery, address and even the time. The courier arrives within an hour from the appointed time. Clarity and responsibility are something that can distinguish You among the many competitors.


7. Find competitor


Try to create a competitor, let him be even a virtual one. Your suggestions on the background of the opponent, needs to look more attractive and impressive. This will allow the buyer to understand that you care about pricing, I always try to do more beneficial and relevant offers that are always one step ahead.

In the world of big brands such rivalries weight is Apple and Samsung who are fighting on the smartphone market. And that alone is worth all the well-known couple of Pepsi and Coca Cola. Their "battles" you can see forever. These posters, videos, billboards jokes with each other to attract the attention of millions of customers around the world. Surprisingly, in this war wins both, because attention is focused in both brands.


8. Attract like-minded people


Companies often use such psychological move. They say that when buying a commodity, part of the money will go to charity. According to surveys conducted in the United States, more than 60% buyers encouraged to make a purchase in this store it is the fact that revenue from sales will go to the needy.

Such charity events holds frequent McDonald's, but the most bright and spectacular was the action of the company TOMS Shoes. The meaning of the action was the fact that when you buy any pair of shoes, another pair goes to children. As a result, the company has sold millions of pairs of shoes worldwide, and another million went to the kids.

Such actions are highlighted in the media, which will be an additional good advertising for your business.


9. Proof


Your website must be reviews about a particular product. Research shows that the buyer is more willing makes a choice when he sees the hard facts. If 500 people bought this product left a bunch of comments and put the good grades, the probability of purchase is much higher than the cheaper product with the same characteristics, but without feedback.

Motivate users to leave their reviews, and after some time it will significantly increase sales, and improve conversion rates.


10. Amaze your customers


Don't be standard and formulaic business. Try to constantly surprise and pleasure to please their clients. Striking examples of this are home appliances that are to the standard ordering put a little bonus in the form of some small equipment: speakers, headphones, mouse for computer, etc. you are not waiting for this, and this gift will be very pleasant. Believe me, he'll tell about it to dozens of friends, will leave a flattering review, and will again order from You.

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