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21 января 2017, в 04:47

And what is flirting? It is the relationship, or not? This is the phase following the acquaintance or the acquaintance? And are there any definite criteria and categories that define flirting? Is. Flirting is interesting and exciting game of adult people with a purpose or just a pleasant pastime; a pastime that brings the fulfillment of a wish; the prelude and the first step to a serious relationship; a battle of words and intonations, allusions and views, experience and skills, desires and opportunities, touches, and gestures; ability to speak and listening skills; the ability to speak is the object of your attention and inspire him with confidence that there is a step to victory; the real art of communication and seduction. There are craftsmen, skilled at flirting to perfection, that few minutes of dialogue are already a girl, not of easy virtue, to his home. Or the hut of a friend, suddenly went to Thailand or Barbados Islands. And sometimes are ahead of time and taken a room at the nearby hotel... WHAT SECRETS THEY hold?

1. The ability to carry on a conversation. Which should be relaxed and easy. Not worth it in the conversation with the girl to touch the fire in Izmailovo or the bloody events in Ukraine. This does not mean that you are a man indifferent to the misfortunes of others and injustice. This means that all the time. This might lead to conversations about Ukraine (when it's not talking to). And yet – more listen are and "check out everything" what you hear from the girl. Questions... They definitely should ask, because you are interested in the responses of girls and want to learn about it. In fact, the first well-constructed conversation, the girl can gently pry all you want to know about it. Up to name her first love and personal "red days". And put all the information on a specially designated shelf in the head, so that when the time comes, to use this information fully. If the girl you like and against the development of a relationship with her you have nothing, then hurry to learn about it as much as possible. Because after a certain time, when the girl will see you as a man, and therefore, personal property, information about herself she will begin to give you the Oud is incomplete. Because to keep back and conceal some of the information is inherent in the female character by nature.

2. To show admiration. Which simply must settle in your eyes, if you want to win the girl. Because women (and men) adore (men just love) being admired. It means a man should be able to give a compliment. In time and place. The girl's new haircut? It is necessary to make a compliment about her beautiful hair and her irresistible appearance. She has new shoes? God they're beautiful! And how she's going. Undoubtedly, this is due to its wonderful taste and fine sense of style. The girl likes to joke? Sometimes at random? It is not a crime. Moreover, if you make her a compliment about her exceptional wit and a healthy sense of humor. And how amazing her voice is! Are you ready to listen to him for hours. Day after day. After all, her voice sweeter than the Nightingale sings... of Course, compliments should comply with the measure. Because any falsehood in your words is sure to be noticed and marked. But blatant lies and seen the girls do not always...

3. To be always "positive". After all, flirting in scarlet, but more so in black, brown or gray – bad flirt. And as the option to continue the relationship – losing. Flirt like communicating and sharing emotions, should be light and easy. Show off a sense of humor, witty joke, cause the girl smile and that's half the battle done. However, to laugh at his own jokes, rolling on the floor and kicking his feet, perhaps not. Otherwise, girls tend to doubt about the depth of your mind...

4. To be able to seduce the girl. Since every second of them, not counting each of the first, do not mind to be seduced. Of course, in varying degrees. Elena Skvortsova, for example, will not mind if flirting with her Rafael Mirgazizov conducts her to the house, after which she will allow him that Razik two possible twenty years ago. She asks Shilonosova wish, such as to touched in a dark room for a variety of interesting places, and Marched Galiahmetova after flirting with her would be exposing plump cheek for a kiss and agree to meet in the afternoon next Saturday. Care. Gallantry. The beat. Shedding of tenderness and kindness. This is what needs to be present when flirting with a girl. And strong manhood. But it is the prerogative of committed actions. The use of all these qualities melt the heart of any woman, including the Snow Queen.

5. Tactics touch. This is a very important thing in flirting techniques. Of course, some of the girls like it, if you from the first phrase will begin to touch her breast and stroking his knee, intending to slide his hand higher. However, competent in the techniques of flirting, a man will leave touch on later (say at night) and while I'll start small. For example, during a conversation he would accidentally touch her hand or her shoulder. This technique aims to convince the guy she's with sincere and trust her completely.

6. Creating superior communication. It is also very important. Because getting girlfriend pleasure from intercourse – there is a guarantee of a new meeting with her. Not for flirting, and for a closer relationship. How to create such a comfort? Quite simple: to apply the technique of repetition of gestures and movements that in a conversation makes your object of flirtation. Perhaps a Pat on the shoulder, shoving at his chest, poking Cam in the side and picking his right ear literally to repeat and not worth it. But to speak as slowly as it is or to smile in a conversation in some corners of the lips to be superfluous. Because "sameness", though incomplete, brings people together.

7. The demand and popularity. These two qualities, you honored a long time, it is necessary to demonstrate to the girl you were flirting or only intend to flirt. How to do it? First, you should not ignore other women, you know. How should not be neglected and talk with them. It would be nice, flirting with a girl, to show interest in another girl. Of course, in a strictly dosed as, in order not to cause offense to the object of flirtation. And this is second. Such a polite and proper behavior will incite curiosity and interest girls to you. What will be the first, but a very wide step to winning her heart. And if a girl will do to show you that she's prettier, smarter and better than all the other girls, familiar and unfamiliar, it will mean that she likes you. And it will point to the fact that this girl is almost yours. This 'almost' should be eliminated through a complete transition initiative in your hands. You think this is hard? Not at all. Having tried once or twice, you make sure that difficult in the techniques of flirting nothing. And then, if a woman wants to be seduced, then why should she deny this?

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