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How to get revenge on the guy who never calls, and other terrible recognition

9 января 2017, в 07:57

"One day my boyfriend and I had sex in the living room of my parents' house. Then everything is carefully cleaned. Three days later my mom sent me a photo of the wrapper from the condom and the message: "NO SEX ON the FAMILY COUCH!". The guy was there, we were upset and decided not to go there".

"We met at University stadium, started Dating, and one night had sex on one of the milestones in the stadium. Suddenly we noticed the guards, blinded by the lights, we ran away, jumped over the fence and ran away. Remember until now".

"My sister was in the store, and I saw my grandmother, who was sitting on the bench. I rushed to catch up to her (we did, though all grown up), and it turned out that she didn't like the woman. With brittle bones. I turned to her thigh, and my parents had to pay the bill for treatment."

"We first came home to my boyfriend to meet his parents. Went to the movies, and when he returned, his mother met us at the door and told her to talk to me. It turned out that their Retriever tiger snuck into our room, found my panties and pampered with them. And then took in his teeth and dragged into the room his mom! She saw my underwear, what a nightmare!"

"I met with the Brazilian and one day decided to surprise his family. We talked to his mom on FaceTime, and before that I've been practicing the phrase, "Thank you, I raised such a good son, I'm the luckiest woman in the world." But in the end said in Portuguese that I am a happy yellow planet. She probably thought I was stupid!"

"A friend of her husband stayed with us for a few days. In the morning we heard the front door slam and decided that he was gone. And we had very loud sex with moans and dirty talk. Downstairs, I saw a friend who went to check the weather (and the second knock the door, we just have not heard). He heard our whole conversation."

"Slept with a guy who then didn't answer my calls. Offended and posted in social networks his photo with the caption "Sleeping with the girls and lost."

"Senior year, I invited the girl to practice basketball. Then we were talking, and one of my players with a deft gesture he yanked my shorts! He knew that I took a shower and put shorts on a naked body, our lockers are nearby. And it was on street Parking, so I immediately happened erection. The girl exclaimed, "Wow!" I didn't know where to go from shame."

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