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Business idea: vending Machines for piece goods

9 января 2017, в 07:46

Initial investment: 250 Tr

Monthly revenue: 200 Tr

Payback period: 12 months.


In recent time, the vending business has become extremely popular, especially among aspiring entrepreneurs. Many go to "head" in this activity and get good profit. Modern vending machines for piece goods are 6-60 thousand rubles.


The cheapest is a small apparatus for toys, gum and other small items. To engage in such business, it does not require much start-up capital. Enough to buy some small devices for the sale of chocolate bars or coffee, to get a monthly income 2-3 thousand dollars. Besides this market in our country, yet not busy.


Business registration


For a vending business it is better to register an individual entrepreneur or LLC.


For this procedure you will need the following documents:

- The statement;

- The Charter of the company;

- The constituent contract;

- Documents on the legal address;

- Receipt of payment of the fee.


As soon as your company would have legal rights, we can immediately get to work. If you want to sell cigarettes or alcoholic beverages, you must obtain the appropriate license. For trade in food and other piece goods need certificates of quality and the results of the examination on environmental safety. In addition, you must have a certificate of conformity and on the equipment itself. Electricians and firefighters do not have such equipment irrelevant. Fire safety is guaranteed by the manufacturer, and as for connections, the machines work from the usual outlets, as well as any appliances. Don't have to buy and the cash register, as trade is made without the participation of individuals.




If you are going to purchase a vending machine for the sale of piece goods must first be acquainted with this equipment. In addition to new and used cars, there are also restored machines. They are cheaper than new equipment and is more expensive than a used.


Vending machines can be of different types:


 Maxi-AIDS. This equipment is designed for heavy traffic; Mini-vehicles, a height of about 0.5–1 meter are mounted on special pedestals. They are put in institutions with little purchasing power;


- Microapparatus are usually small in size. They are often installed in the offices, at the reception in mini-hotels or small conference rooms. Such vending machines do not bring big profits. They are intended rather for convenience.


- If you plan to install the equipment on the street to buy a vandal-proof vending machine for the sale of piece goods. It is equipped with a fan and thermostat. To operate the equipment. Twilight relay when it gets dark includes side and top lighting. It is desirable to set in a row some vandal machines. This will facilitate maintenance and recovery.


The most expensive vending machines combined. They are for sale of piece goods and coffee.


The benefits of vending business


As a seller are vending machines you can save some money on the salaries of employees. In addition, you don't have to deal with registration staff to ensure you all the time undergo a medical examination. To start a vending business small enough amount of money that will be needed for purchase of equipment, rent and purchase of goods.


The earnings on vending machines selling piece goods will surprise you. Vending machines generate income right after installation. Their service doesn't have to hire a large staff, as in the case of opening a furniture store. At first the work equipment can be monitored independently. Because of this you will always have on hand cash. Service vehicles can perform 1-2 times a week. If necessary, the equipment without problems moved to another location.


Features of work


Vending machines are divided into categories by occupation. For example, a device that prepares and sells coffee, is considered by the manufacturer. But the vending machine for the goods is called seller. According to this classification establishes a system of taxation. For example, for coffee machines simplified system will not work. Business in vending machines will pay off only if they are quality and reliable. It is desirable that the machines took bills, and iron coins. By the way, models of the latest generation equipped with a receivers Bank cards.




Vending machines should be installed on a gratuitous basis, i.e., rent-free. For this you need to convince the landlord that the installation of such equipment would benefit. Of course, you have to pay for household services and electricity, but it is a small cost. The most profitable places for installing vending machines is a large shopping centers, pharmacies, medical facilities, offices and supermarkets. Usually there is going to a large number of people, so vending machines will be in demand. Toys or chewing gum can be sold near kindergartens, schools or other childcare facilities.


What to sell?


The most common and popular equipment, which brings a good profit:



- Chewing gum;



The success of the trade largely depends on the location of the machine. Start with the basics, such as your area of residence. In the entrances of apartment buildings, you can put the vending machines of bottled water. In schools or Universities are very popular machines for the sale of stationery or books. Daily Newspapers can be sold at the stations and stops of transport. Near each machine hang detailed instructions so that consumers could understand how to use the device. Also don't forget to leave in a conspicuous place contact numbers in case of breakdowns or other incidents.




The main problem of all owners of such equipment – it is theft. Unscrupulous employees of the revenue taken in his pocket, and to follow them is almost impossible. Another major problem is vandalism. To protect yourself from it difficult, so it is advisable to install vending machines in secure places. Technical problems can arise with used equipment. Such devices often breaks down electronics. Sometimes used equipment pays for itself two times longer than new.




On average, one vending machine is 200-250 thousand rubles. The equipment typically pays for itself in 1-2 years. If the business machines for piece goods sale brings a good profit, continue to develop it. Do not skimp on equipment reliability, as this may lead to additional repair costs.




Vending business brings a good profit. Before you do it, buy one vending machine and preferably not on credit, and for their own money. This will allow you to study the market, to experiment with placement and to assess the level of competition. If he doesn't make a profit, the device can be sold and return on investment.

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