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Business idea: interior cleaning of the car

9 января 2017, в 08:06

Initial investment: 250 Tr

Monthly profits from 50 Tr

Payback period: 5 months.


Motorists typically conduct a full chemical cleaning of the interior of the vehicle a few times a year. This means that with the right approach and organization of business, lack of customers you will have.


How to register?


As for car dry cleaning legislation does not set specific requirements, will be sufficient to register the individual entrepreneur and pay taxes under the simplified scheme. You also need to open a Bank account and be ready to accept cashless payments from corporate clients with the proper registration of the accompanying documentation.


How to equip?


For cleaning you will need a special vacuum cleaner equipped with interchangeable bags, as well as 10-12 of various chemical treatments that are applied depending on the degree and types of contamination of the cabin.


The vacuum cleaner will cost about 120 000 - 180 000 rubles. The cost of the stain varies from 3500 to 4200 rubles. In order to build a positive reputation and gain loyal customers, it is not recommended to save on chemical processing. Is directly dependent on the quality of cleaning. Organize all the expenses in your business plan dry cleaning car interior. FYI, clears any cover cleaner Zanussi (Zanussi).


What is the cost of services?


As a rule, you will be able to identify her on arrival, depending on the degree of contamination and the type of stain that you want to apply.


The average cost ranges from 2000 (for small cars) to 18 000 (large luxury cars) with time – 4-5 hours to complete a single order.


What staff will you need?


The first time, when orders are too much better to work alone. Further, the growth of the popularity of your business can hire an assistant and do the job in 1.5 – 2 times faster. If the flow of orders will be quite large, it then makes sense to form the teams that will independently serve customers.


How to organize ads and to announce the service?


Start with a web site that you want to develop and start to unwind before you start your business. Put a detailed description of the cleaning process, add pictures. In no case do not skimp and do not place it on a free hosting. It is easily identified by visitors and affects not only the functionality of the resource but also on the experience and assessment of the target audience.


A good way of promoting would be to negotiate with the owners of service stations that will distribute your materials, containing a special promo code that will give discount for the customers on one side and a Commission to the service stations.


Can also independently or with the help of specially trained promoters who will distribute leaflets, hold the announcement of your service in the special Parking lots with expensive cars.


Be prepared for the fact that the first few months you will have a maximum of 1-2 order a week, and the business will begin to bring tangible profit only after 5-6 months when you will have loyal customers. Therefore the financial part of the business plan dry cleaning a car interior should be made so that there was a stock of necessary resources to cover monthly expenses for at least the first two quarters..


What investment is needed?


The design of the SP – 12000 RUB

Development of Internet resource – 18000 - 30000 RUB.

Promotional materials – 12000 RUB over 1000pcs

Vacuum cleaner bags replacement kit – 120000 RUB.

Means of chemical processing – 30000 RUB.


Total: 192000 – 204000 rubles.


Renting a room will cost 25,000 rubles.

S/fees employees - 15000-40000 RUB.


Attachments are not so big, but enough to start your own business and work for themselves.

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