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21 января 2017, в 04:58

No matter what age the woman is, she still wants to meet her Prince. Youth has the advantage: girls can afford to go once again to the bar, to attend a variety of courses or simply to meet on the street. But the more adult women did not lead such an active life, so get acquainted with a man it is much more difficult. Of course, they can meet in the cruise, the school of modern dance, refresher courses... But what about those who have a daily route home-work-home, and anything else already simply does not remain forces? In such cases, you need to look for my Prince at work, because that is where we spend most of the time. It is in the workplace the man fastened a wide variety of relationships. And in order to excite myself and a little inspiration, you can afford to tie an easy, non-committal flirting. People whose work is in the first place, you need to look for future husband there. Unfortunately, this possibility exists not all. For example, workers in garment factories, personnel officers or the miners are unlikely to meet in my work as a member of the opposite sex.


ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES IN Dating at work has its advantages and disadvantages. The positive side of Dating in the workplace – you will be able to watch the chosen one (chosen one) in a variety of situations. After having worked with the man six months, each of us will know it inside out. There certainly will be seen what the chosen one really is: lazy or a workaholic guy or critique ambitious as he perceives the criticism, is it easy to get together with colleagues and with people and even, quite possibly, will learn his salary. The last paragraph (about the salary) is not a fact, because most companies prefer to hide such information and require it from their employees.


Cons in Dating at work also. There are several:


1. Your relationship will develop on the front of all the employees that you will agree, not too pleasant.


2. Imagine that your relationship ended in a breakup. In this case, you will always have to meet with her "ex" that will cause discomfort or even suffering. There is already a need to choose: either you look for a new job, or continue to suffer.


3. In large companies, when applying for a job, signed a special contract where there is a point forbidding to have Affairs with colleagues. The point of this paragraph is quite clear. Jealousy, quarrels, arguments that can happen between employees, it will not affect their production performance.


Despite this fad, novels in large companies – are not uncommon. But such relationships are always carefully hidden from the authorities. But in the Soviet institutions the requirements were quite different. So, the husband and wife are strictly forbidden to work subordinate to each other. After all, native people are unable to cover interest or the sins of each other, the professional unfitness of the second half or do at work not what you need, so as to be sure of impunity.


But to forbid people to meet, create relationships and fall in love at work – no one. After all, if a person finds their soul mate – it's wonderful. Many companies decide this question: they don't allow two relatives to work in the same Department or in related departments.


Thus, the employer defends its interests. Thus it protects the interests of others who depend on the work of these lovers. And for families better – no one at home will lead discussion at the "working" theme. If that happens (relations in the workplace), one of them proposes to move to another Department. Try to see your mate in person you meet every day at work – not so easy. But if we succeed, this risk is justified – will be a new couple.

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