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25 books on starting a business

22 июня 2016, в 16:00

25 books on starting a business:


1. 500 home business ideas. Nellie Fedosenko

2. The course of business. Abchuk V. A.

3. Business at the speed of thought bill gates

4. The acquisition of power and glory. Kehoe John

5. A person with money. The psychology of wealth. Stepanov Sergey

6. Millionaire. Tarasov Artem

7. How to survive among sharks. McKay Harvey

8. Bank of ideas for private business. Kiselev Yu.

9. Business and Zhzhizn. True, which is not saying. Andrei Parabellum

10. 21 the SECRET of increasing profits, which are not written in books. Bushuev Alexander.

11. Great game of business. Stack Jack

12. Money well affect women. Shefer Bodo

13. Why are you still a beggar? Vagin Igor

14. The principles of Aikido in everyday life. Dobson Terri, Miller

15. The art of selling. Hopkins Tom

16. Living the 80-20 principle. Koch, Richard

17. The main secret of success. Kennedy Dan

18. 124 ways to save cash to spare. Alexander Levitas

19. A good swift kick in the ass. Rob Adams

20. Workbook supervisor. Doroshuk, Nicholas

21. 12 steps to your own business. Abchuk V. A.

22. Piano on the shore. Dornan Jim

23. Know how to think ingeniously. Vagin Igor

24. How to choose your people. Minshull R.

25. What's stopping You to be rich. Alexander Sviâša

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